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Sebastian Moreno Coronel is a mexican artist living in Barcelona Spain,  he creates very expressionistic Male Nudes in different settings. Sebastian Moreno Arte homoerotico. Pintura gay.

I’m glad you like the stuff i make!


If you feel like donating any amount, all will be appreciated.


Dedicating myself to the Male nude and homoeroticism makes me depend on  Collectors and Private Patrons, so every little bit helps.

I welcome all requests for custom art, portraits, digital art, and photo edition commissions.

If you are interested in supporting my work other than buying it, I would greatly appreciate your donation via 


Thank you



Your donation, no matter how small, supports my artistic work. You can choose the amount to donate where it says price. Thank you very much

Here are some example images of my work for sale.

Click on the image for more details and prices or double click to enlarge it.

Reproductions available for all of them in prices listed below. To buy or ask for commissions, please contact me.

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