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Homoerotic Art by Sebastian Moreno Coronel

Welcome to my world of homoerotic art!

I have created this website for you, fan or collector of human form, emotions and experiences of all kinds, but especially love and eroticism between gay men.

I am Sebastián Moreno Coronel, an artist dedicated to the male nude, as well as to love, passion and homoeroticism in painting and drawing.

My deepest wish is that through my work, brave men who dare to love other men feel proud. In body, soul, mind and spirit. With every part of his being. Merging into one, in all positions and by all possible means.

Because the nature of love is one. And the only unnatural thing is to destroy each other, due to moral prejudices and absurd guilt.

Sebastian Moreno 2022 Gracia plena 20x25 cm.jpg

Digital Art

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