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Dialogues through time

Throughout my career, some themes have taken different forms, colors and have been translated into images that denote feelings and sensations, sometimes conflicting or not very easy to define. Because this is our life and this is how the moments we live are. In love, especially, we can go through different stages, from sleep, desire, falling in love, the harmony of daily life or its excessive daily life. That is why I wanted to share with you these dialogues between my works from different creative and vital stages. Here I present a work from 1994 and how the same theme acquires different nuances throughout my life and artistic history:

Pintura homoerótica de Sebastian Moreno Coronel, con autorretratos de autor representando el amor y sus cuitas
Laberinto sin fin. Laberinto sin ti. 1994

In this painting from my first pictorial series, I wanted to represent the sensations and feelings that I was experiencing at that time when I was far from my family and suffering from the sometimes evasive love of someone who shared a bed with me at that time, sometimes when he was right.

Pintura homoerotica de Sebastian Moreno Coronel
Descanso en paz. 2004

In this other painting I represent my sensations when living as a couple and like all the evil that happened outside our home, it would stay there, without affecting us.

Pintura sobre la relación de pareja gay
Tiempos. De amor y agonía. 2005

In this art work I talk about the best and worst moments that are experienced in a gay couple.

Pintura gay de Sebastian Moreno Coronel
Los días vendrán. 2006

Here I talk about how couples somehow have an omen about future relationships. Of loves gone that are still there or of loves that one day may be again.

Deseos masculinos suspendidos en el tiempo
Sinfonía de soledades. 2011

Sometimes couples must experience separations that make them live their loneliness in the midst of the desire for a reunion that does not always come.

Una pareja que se quiere, se cuida
Cuidado amoroso. 2015

Care is essential in a couple.

Beso gay
Libación. 2017

Lovers drink their mouths.

Amor gay saciado
Saciados. 2020

The satisfaction of living loved ones is unmatched.

El estado de gracia de los que se aman
Gracia plena. 2021

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