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Homoerotic Art by de Sebastián Moreno Coronel

Born in Atoyac, Jalisco, Mexico. 07/31/1971

He studied Visual Arts at the National School of Plastic Arts of the National University of Mexico (ENAP, UNAM)

His art relates to gay life and homoerotic themes. Always focused on the nude as an expression of the true inner feelings of the human being, he paints inspired by the art tradition of the past, as well as the influences of the avant-garde and postmodernism.

He paints nudes in different settings.

Whether in nature or in urban cities my figures are full of vitality and strength.

I am always exploring the human figure from different conceptual levels.

His art expresses physical, sentimental and emotional human experiences that can range from the sensual to the erotic.

He's always striving to make his nudes full of power, mystery or fantasy, and at the same time he's also telling a story.

He is an artist who gives great importance to the details that lead to the imaginary and often reveals a surprisingly implosive and frank message. In them they reveal something much more intimate.

His paintings are frequently inspired by the unconventional and are very narrative with fabled stories.

The male body

The male body as the enclosure of a will that does not want to be relegated to the dictates of morality and gender repression, explodes in all the force of its vulnerability in the paintings of Sebastián Moreno Coronel who, proud of his sexuality, openly expresses his obsession with the latent fragility of the male, which we all hide.

For centuries, the male figure has shied away from the appreciation and appropriation of its plastic virtues, appearing only as an ornamental accessory that reinforces the apparent female weakness. Great authors have had to cover the representation of the male phallus with cloths, considering it aggressive in its character of penetrator-perforator, of property embodied in the female.

It has only been until recently, when advertising has discovered the suggestive potential of the male body, built in the temples of the physical, in which, needless to say, homoeroticism floats like nowhere else.

At a time when clothing plays with unisexuality and when men begin to worry more about themselves, the gaze towards the other is forced, in the recognition of the other half of the beauty that, in an unnatural way, it has been veiled and forbidden to us.

It is here where the pictorial discourse that returns to man his right to be represented becomes effective, both in the powerful explosion of his sexuality, and in the indelible vulnerability of his existential anguish, which leads him to rethink every day, his role as provider male. and dominant of his environment

Emissary of male desire

"Although it is true that I delight in the representation of the bodies that I admire, starting from my own and that of my partner; it is also a fact that I wish to become an emissary of the very desire of those who want to finally see themselves represented, in their choice sexual diversity or in the reaffirmation of their gender.

For all this, I am totally grateful to everyone, men and women, who have opened a space in their world to let my creations enter it, filling their walls with the ejaculation of my brushes and the post-orgasmic lassitude of my subjects.

My most sincere thanks to all of you for helping my work continue to bear fruit. My internal engine is still running and its power continues to regenerate through love and the satisfactions of my day to day.

I hug you from Spain."

Sebastian Moreno Coronel

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