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If you are interested on my original art. If you want to ask for a commission art work. If you want to support my art works. Please contact me.

Contact Me 

¡Thanks so much for your message! ¡Gracias por tu mensaje!


+34 639 508 4 24



Creating customized art for connoisseurs of art and homoerotica is my specialty. Having produced art works for publications, organizations and private collectors, I understand the sensitivity and detailed nature of erotic ideas, as well meeting deadlines.  If there is a special fantasy, scene or portrait you would like created in a painting or drawing, I am more than willing to work from your photographs or rough sketches. However if you want a portrait of someone, I need high resolution, quality photographs of the face of the subject in the correct anatomical pose to go with your idea. All commissions require a contract detailing the custom artwork specifications.  Payment in full when your customized art is done.

Shipping is included in the price. Please allow one week delivery for original art.

For payment, I can accept credit cards using PayPal  invoices, which I can email to you. Or for a large purchase, we can work together to create a monthly payment schedule that is affordable for your budget. Simply email me your idea.



When you buy an original painting or drawing from me, all your money is going to directly support a living artist and the local community around me. There are no gallery fees or commissions that I’m paying to any agent or corporation. Your purchase will come with a certificate of authenticity that states the title, size, medium and year of creation.

To Order, Email me the title of the painting or drawing  you wish to purchase, along with your shipping address.  I will create the invoice and email it to you. You can pay safely and securely online with PayPal.

Or if you prefer you can mail me bank cashier’s checks and postal money orders, but please email me first so we can get the price and shipping correct. 


Sample of a commisioned art work for Gabriel, based on his photos. It's an oil/paper 35x25 cms.

Price was: 450€


Sample of a commisioned art work for Miguell, based on his photos. It's an oil/canvas 100x70cms. 

Price was: 2250€


Sample of a commisioned art work for Amir, based on live posing.

It's an ink/paper 15x15 cms. 

Price was: 175€


Sample of a commisioned art work for Remei.

It's an acrilyc/canvas 30x30 cms. 

Price was: 550€

Commission Art Works 

I offer art works by commission. I can paint for you portraits, nudes, landscapes or anything you'd like. Just write me what you need and how much you wanna invest.

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