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Privacy policy and data protection.

Who is responsible for the use and security of your data?.

Sebastian Moreno Coronel

Cantueso 91

28029 Madrid. Spain
Phone.:+34 639508424


Why do we handle your personal data? .

We use the personal data for the following:

-To comply with the new European laws of privacy obtaining information and required consent of Users.

-To manage the relationship with the client, estimates or commercial offers, and then as clients, to carry out the contracting, billing and payment. This is why providing the data is imperative.

-And finally to send messages, articles, news about us and our activities, unless the User indicates otherwise.


What data do we use?.

We use the data to provide our services determined by your consent. We will use only the data necessary to give good service and only the data you provide us.

How long will we handle your data?.

The personal data will be kept while doing business with you or for a period of 5 years from the last contract, for fiscal reasons. Nevertheless we will keep your information for possible commercial communications we think might interest you. You can always change your status by contacting us in the way you find most convenient.


What is the legality for handling your data?.

The legal basis for handling your data is the execution of the contract needed to carry out the negotiated service, or this legality is given by your explicit consent as the interested party.

Your data will be given exclusively to third parties related to the services being given, except in case of a legal obligation. If this should change, we will contact you for your consent. Who will be able to receive your data?. We also inform you that international transfers will not be done.

For our services, others working for us might have access to your data but only as needed.

The services by third parties are necessary but the use of data is always done under contract with us. They will not use the information for other purposes and they will handle the data only as stipulated by us, always in agreement with our Privacy Policy and the laws of data protection.

To insure privacy and data protection, we select providers that offer guarantees of applying the appropriate technical and organizational measures and therefore guaranteeing the protection of the User’s rights.

What are your rights when you provide your personal data?.

Everyone has the right to know if and how their data is handled. Therefore you can request:

Access: The User has the right to learn if his data is being used or not, as well as detailed information of certain aspects of use.

Rectification: The User can change incorrect data and add incomplete information.

Elimination: The User can request the elimination of her personal data, subject to the limits established by law.

Limitation: The User can request limitation as to the use of her personal data.

Opposition: Under some circumstances the User may oppose the handling of her data. The company will obey except in legitimate or imperative cases, or if needed for dealing with complaints or claims.

Portability: The User has the right to receive his data in a structured and easily read format and be able to transmit to another processer.

For any of these cases, you can contact us at the above mentioned address. If you want more information as to your rights, you can also contact the Agencia Española de Protección de Datos.

You can also withdraw the information given for a certain purpose at any time. This will not affect any previous use.

If you should think your rights were not attended to adequately, you can make a claim to La Agencia Española de Protección de Datos. C/Jorge Juan 6, 28001 Madrid, Spain

Our security.

Sebastian Moreno Coronel has taken security measures to insure technical, organizational and safe handling of personal data as required by law. Nevertheless the User should be aware that security in Internet is not invulnerable so illegal or unusual intromissions are possible. These would not be responsibility of Sebastian Moreno Coronel.

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