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Erotic Paintings

Although all of Sebastian Moreno Coronel's work is homoerotic, there are some works that represent sexual acts, acts of love or scenes where sexuality is explicitly shown, without any shame. If it is of your interest, here you will be able to find those more erotic works for sale.

There are many other original works still available for sale to collectors and art lovers, and you will find them searching in the general catalog or in the specific categories by theme, measure or technique.

Prices can be negotiated, especially if you buy several works at the same time.

You can also pay for a work in the terms you decide and receive it when you have completed the amount of the listed price.

The prices include shipping costs worldwide.

If you are interested in any work in the galleries and you do not know if it is available and its price, please contact me. 

The art works listed are ready to be reproduced in fine art giclee prints.

Homoerotic Art

 Male Nudes

Gay Art Paintings

Sebastian moreno Art

Fine Art Collectors welcome

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